Cube World

A huge, open world role playing game that takes after Minecraft and fuses role playing with block building

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    Role Playing

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.0 (241)

For those who love that popular mining and building game, there's a new style game on the block. It's a roleplaying game with plenty of action where players fight and explore instead of build.

Character Creation

When you start in Cube World, you begin with a character creation screen where you'll make decisions on the gender, race and battle preference of your character.

First Steps

After creating your character, you step into this world of cubes to start exploring. First, you'll have to punch some trees to cut wood. With raw materials from the world, you create objects such as weapons and armor as well as tools to advance your character.

Death is a Possibility

Whether it's through environmental challenges or combat with mobs, there's a chance you could lose enough health to die in Cube World. In a multiplayer world, you might gain a level even when you're dead. A party member might finish off an opponent, which would potentially give you enough experience points to level. When this happens, you can come back to life. In other cases, you'll have to re-spawn with none of your items.

Questing System

Originally, Cube World used a traditional MMO-style questing system to deliver quests to players. They found that didn't fit with the exploration-style game they were trying to promote. They removed quest givers and the markers inside the game. Instead, when players explore their surroundings, they will find quests. There's a quest journal with objectives, creatures and items. Each time a player runs across a new item or creature, they can find more information in their journal.


  • Block graphics are entertaining
  • Exploration is extensive and immersive
  • World is massive for hours of exploration


  • Starting out can be difficult
  • Updates are slow to be revealed
  • Sound effects can be annoying and repetitive

Cube World has the beautiful simplicity of a game like Minecraft, but with interesting exploration and a quest system that moves away from its beginnings in the MMO style. As long as the developers regularly reveal updates, Cube World will only get better from here.

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